Hoop Associates

Hoop Associates is a digital agency providing a rounded set of services for clients' online presence.

Dibase provided interim support for Hoop's systems and initial training of a new hire over a period of personnel change and consultancy on continuous integration.

The Viral Factory

The Viral Factory is a digital marketing and media company specialising in viral video marketing.

Dibase provides software development, maintenance and support to the Viral Factory for their web-based video project management and tracking system currently utilising PHP, SQL and JavaScript with HTML and CSS.


Dibase provided Fuji Film Electronic Imaging with development services for several projects:

  • Aid in porting of their existing raster image processor management application from a Microsoft Visual C++ MFC application to a cross platform code base that would build and run natively on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.
  • A MFC dialog application that provided factory and on-site calibration and testing functions for a specially produced micro scanner.
  • MFC based prototype applications for a life science digital microscope and viewer application for the resultant images.
  • Providing analysis and architectural design and documentation skills for a greenfields life sciences microscope project. Providing C#, .NET remoting and Microsoft SQL Server skills to perform initial proof of concept for the design. Providing C++, CORBA and Linux system development skills to aid in device data handling module development.


Metapath Software International provided telecoms network planning software and services.

Dibase provided C++, Microsoft Windows and UNIX development services to aid MSI in porting Planet - their wireless network planning product - from a Sun SPARC Solaris environment to a Microsoft Windows environment.

Lloyds TSB Insurance and Investments

Dibase provided Microsoft Windows / Microsoft Visual C++ / MFC front end development services to Lloyds TSB to aid them in converting their financial advisors' client information and quote-generation system to conform to the standard required by the Scottish Widows range of products.

AMS Management Systems

AMS, now part of CGI, was a large international company providing business and information technology consulting services. Their Communications, Media and Entertainment division markets a customer care and billing product called Tapestry.

Dibase provided C++, SQL, Microsoft Windows and UNIX development services to AMS working in an ISO 9000 environment to develop major sections of the Tariff Model Entry module of the Tapestry Product Portfolio.

Barclays Capital

Dibase provided C++, SQL, Microsoft Windows and UNIX development services to Barclays Capital for development of a global credit system.

Metanoia Institute

The Metanoia Institute provides counselling and psychotherapy training.

Dibase developed a Microsoft ActiveMovie (now superseded by the DirectShow portion of DirectX ) filter component and provided supporting software and consultancy.


Dibase developed the screensaver games for the Wallace & Gromit Cracking Animator multimedia CD-ROM title for IE who were working in conjunction with Aaardman Animation and BBC Multimedia.

IE commented that "the games code has proven to be very robust and reliable and the games have been very well received".

Cyber Kiosks

Cyber Kiosks was a new start up company that was developing an internet access kiosk for public use that used a smartcard to hold digital cash and other details. Dibase provided Cyber Kiosks with technical consultancy services for their internet kiosk product and for an in house back office system.

Dorling Kindersley Multimedia

In the mid-1990s Dorling Kindersley, the book publisher, produced many well received CD-ROM titles.

Dibase played a major part in the development of several of DK's CD-ROM titles including Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science, Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Nature, Eyewitness History of the World, Anne Hooper's Ultimate Sex Guide and Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science Version 2.


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